Top 5 tips to find the right Android developer for your changing business requirements

Top 5 tips to find the right Android developer for your changing business requirements


You have decided to get an Android mobile app developed but can’t find the right guy. Almost anybody claims to be a pro. What are some of the ways to identify a pro Android mobile developer?

Looking for a new Android mobile app developer? Well, getting one might be easy. Getting the right one who can take care of your requirements, your way – might be somewhat daunting.

Worry not.

We can offer you just the tips you need to find the right Android developer.

With the ever changing mobile app requirements, everything becomes obsolete too soon. And it happens within a few years and sometimes even within a few months. With more than half the world using Android (as high as 53.3% of global market share), and an average 1.5 million Android activation’s each day – can you really afford to have a substandard Android mobile app?

Here are a few tips to help you find the right Android developer for your mobile app

1. Deep understanding of the Android platform

Since there is a huge demand for Android, there is a huge demand for Android developers as well. There are many developers with little or no knowledge of developing Android apps who will be ready to help you with your mobile app requirements. One should always question the relevant qualification of the Android app developer and also test their knowledge.

2. Check past work

You should check the past work of the candidate. Ask them the details of the app that they developed – like how much time it took for them to develop the mobile app and what the most challenging aspect of the project was. It will give you a fair idea about how well the person can work under pressure. It is also important to ask them of the value addition they were able to suggest in the mobile apps that they developed.

3. Communication protocol

The success of the project depends on how well your requirements are understood and met. It is important for you to know what will be the communication protocol, which means how often the project status will be reported to you, which channel will be used for communication and what will happen in case of delays. This will help you to understand how often your feedback will be incorporated before it’s too late to be implemented.

4. Testing of the mobile app

The Android developer must be aware how the testing of the mobile app will happen. Even after creating a fantastic mobile app, it might not work as expected. App performance, security, memory, language and usability are some of the most important aspects that should be tested thoroughly in mobile apps. In addition, the app should download successfully, get executed on the Android device and interact while supporting the back-end content infrastructure. It is also important to test if a user can easily accept and execute mobile app updates easily on their device. The Android developer should be clear on how bugs can be fixed in the shortest possible time.

5. Special features in the app

There are many mobile apps available today. How can you differentiate your mobile app? You should ask the developer about the special features that can be included in the app like social media sharing, multilingual support, etc.

In addition to the above points, the payment terms should also be clearly laid down before you freeze upon the most suited Android developer for your app.

You search for the perfect Android developer ends here.


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