How to interview and find the perfect Front end developer?

How to interview and find the perfect Front end developer?


Why is it important to find and hire a Front end developer who is right for your business needs? What are the key qualities that a Front end programmer should have? You should ideally look for a front-end developer who is technically skilled and can also make suggestions for a visually engaging web solution. Let’s look at some tips to interview and hire the perfect Front end developer.

Front-end development, also known as client-side development, is a specialized area to ensure that the website is updated, appealing and able to drive traffic. That is exactly the reason why you need the right Front end developer who can understand what your business is about, what your business requirements are and how to give you the best web solution accordingly.

If a website loads with well-constructed pages, clean layout, and impressive visuals, it makes a lasting impression on the visitors. The Front-end developer is primarily responsible for constructing the face of the website, which implies that the person is responsible for immersive user experience architecture.

The Front end programmers are proficient in programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Look for a candidate who has experience and knowledge of the following programming languages (at least most of them):

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • JSON
  • XML
  • MySQL & SQL

Sometimes the best technical professionals, who are experts in the above skills, fail to deliver since there are a number of things that the front-end developer should be aware about.

  • The developer should be aware of cross browser compatibility
  • The Front-end developer should be well aware of typography, layouts, grid system, and most suitable color schemes
  • Verify if the Front-end developer is aware about developing for different devices that are in use in the current times. For example, is the developer aware of different browser inconsistencies, input types, screen orientation, pixel densities and other aspects
  • Even though it’s difficult to keep a track of all the latest Frameworks, libraries, preprocessing and plugins, the Front end developer should be aware of the established standards in the programming language that they will use
  • Inquire about the bug finding and resolution approach, in the past projects
  • CSS, unlike other backend programming languages, can have unexpected and subtle bugs. The Front-end developer must have experience in finding quick resolution to such bugs
  • Front-end developers should be familiar with frameworks like AngularJS, EmberJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, and others. If a Front-end programmer is proficient in such frameworks, it ensures that the content looks good on the devices it appears. The Front-end programmer should also be well-aware of libraries such as jQuery and LESS (to ensure a more useful package code and time saving form)
  • Inquire about how the version of the code will be controlled. Version control is critical as it helps to revert to an older version, if required
  • Problem solving skill is absolutely important to fix bugs before it’s too late, finding innovative and creative ways to make front end code work along with the backend code

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