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We have exclusive network of top talent of designers, developers (software, mobile, web), digital marketing experts, back office skilled resources in the world. Top companies rely on Designer or Coder to establish their remote teams offshore in India.

  • Best Talent

    We have a rigorous screening process to identify and hire the best and culture fit people. Top 5%.

  • Passion

    We hire people who love what they do, do what they love.

  • Expertise

    Our people are master of their domains, constantly learn and keep their skills up to date.

  • Experience

    We value seamless customer experience and are a true extension of our client teams.

  • Right-Size

    We offer scalable and flexible model with total transparency.

  • Pain Killers

    We ease you off your pain and solve your problems for you.

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Designer or Coder offers a variety of software development languages, frameworks, technologies and skills. See the list below to find your desired skills.

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